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Beacon Survey Software Platform

We’re passionate about empowering our clients. That’s why we created the Beacon survey and reporting software platform—the most robust suite of tools available to research and CRM professionals. With an easy to navigate user-friendly interface and a plethora of custom survey and reporting tools, you can quickly author, deploy and report on professional online surveys, across online, mobile, CATI or CAPI.

Beacon Research Hub

The Beacon Research Hub is the backbone of Beacon, and your central location for creating, managing, reviewing and collaborating on projects. Beacon’s Research Hub increases data visibility and accessibility throughout your organization and gives you game changing insights into the total health of your research practice.

One-click user set-up

  • Beacon’s Research Hub project permissions interface allows you to easily specify access level, user type and user groups for each project.
  • Quickly add and assign users to projects, as well as easily view who’s working on each research initiative throughout your organization.

Easy Project Management

  • Set-up of new projects within the platform is effortless—initial project type definitions (such as survey, email campaign or simple file import) help to expedite your research workflow.
  • Project documents, such as questionnaires, multi-media content and reporting deliverables, are archived in each project view for quick reference.
  • The Research Hub allows numerous project viewing options, like list view, grid view and detail view—just choose the view that’s right for you!
  • On the road? The responsive design of Beacon’s Research Hub allows you to access your projects and reports smoothly from both Smartphone and tablet devices.

Enhanced Search & Sorting Capabilities

  • Comprehensive categorization by study type, method, content, deliverables, users and pre-defined project tags allow you to find, sort and archive your projects in moments.
  • Project setup and keyword tagging enable fast searches through multiple projects, improving project management efficiency.

Robust & Expanded Data Analysis Options

  • Data from other survey and marketing platforms can be easily uploaded into the Research Hub for comprehensive reporting and metrics across ALL your research initiatives.
  • Data can be analyzed across multiple surveys—through fielding, user statistics and project categorization—for a full picture of your research practice’s health.

Online & Mobile Survey Programming

The powerful Beacon platform makes it easy to create a survey via Builder, our survey builder and programming toolset. It includes a robust set of user-friendly features to ensure you can build the survey you want to get the data you need using the easy online GUI to make your own surveys quickly without messy or complicated scripting. There are minimal training requirements for easy programming (30 minutes or less!) and complete survey management tools.

Our online survey and data collection technology delivers survey solutions that suit your needs, including online, CATI, smartphone and tablet. We offer complete customization and flexibility with surveys that follow your unique methodology and give you full control over the look and feel. And our easy-to-use, powerful and secure client portal provides real-time monitoring of both active and archived projects.

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Accurate Mobile Detection Of Over 6,000 Devices

Detection allows you to see if the respondent is attempting to take the survey on mobile devices vs. non-mobile devices. E.g. desktop browsers, game consoles or even tablet devices, such as the Apple iPad or Motorola Xoom. Scripting and styling properties like screen size, video capability and input methods (touch screens, stylus, D-pad) are all seamlessly integrated.

Create Mobile-Compatible Or Mobile-Only Surveys Simply And Easily

You will have the ability to accept or deny respondents based on the category of the device they are using. E.g. “No tablets allowed. Come back on a smartphone.”

Multi-Media Capabilities
Both video and images (optimized for small screens) can be utilized in mobile surveys. Video and audio are supported for both smartphones and tablet-based surveys. Images can be supported on all mobile devices, including feature phones. Tablet-based surveys can also support interactive questions.

Integration with Beacon™ (Build Your Own Mobile Surveys!)
Now you can set survey mobile compatibility as well as designate types of mobile devices


Interactive Data Reporting & Dashboards

Get real-time data access from the minute your study is set live. Customize our online reporting environment and dashboards for immediate review and analysis of your results as they come in. View click-through data, completion rates and detailed quota group data using our reporting tools.

Reporting Capabilities

Our unique online crosstab tool is replacing traditional offline tabs for many of our clients. And this comprehensive online reporting includes advanced stat testing, allowing you to run results by total (nets, means or standard deviations) or dynamically defined segments. You can view real-time custom weighted or un-weighted results. Raw data can be accessed in partial field or at close, viewable in a variety of formats and layouts. You can create subgroups or banner points with multiple levels of classification based on any response to any question, or from derived scores or groupings.

Easy Data Export

We also make it easier for you to use the information you get. You can generate custom charts and graphs for each question or table in the online report, and export those visuals to PowerPoint (or your own custom PPT template) in an editable, native format. Because of the wide variety of data manipulation and analysis options, you can access to your raw survey data in a variety of commonly used formats.


Beacon’s reporting dashboard provides an engaging and visually appealing presentation of key metrics, making it simple to utilize crucial findings and turn them into real business solutions. With instant, real-time access to data, users can make sure that their data is working for them every single day.

Decipher Screenshot

Like a standard reporting dashboard, interactive data dashboards allows you to view important pieces of information through a clear visual medium. Decipher has taken the dashboard concept even further by giving you control over the way the data is presented and combined. Decipher’s interactive data dashboard capabilities allow customized tables and charts that can pull from multiple data sources and variables. Our platform allows for data from other survey and marketing platforms to be uploaded for comprehensive reporting and metrics. And you will have the ability to incorporate corporate branding with public or restricted dashboard access.

Check out our Reporting and Dashboards Demos.


Sampling & Email Campaign Management

Our unique Email Survey Campaign Management system provides rapid deployment and complete control over your email invitations. And we were the first in the industry to utilize custom-blended online survey sampling methods and have access to more than 30 million respondents in more than 40 countries.

The Email Survey Campaign Management system, allows us to work together to create branded or unbranded email campaigns. Decipher will manage the opt-outs, filtered suppressions, auto-replies, bounce backs and reminder emails. It’s simple: we offer our clients a more representative online sample.

We were the first in the industry to utilize custom-blended online survey sampling methods. It’s simple: our sampling methods offer our clients a more representative online sample. And Decipher is TrueSample™ certified and has now incorporated this leading data quality solution into the Beacon survey authoring and reporting platform.

To enhance targeting capabilities and increase survey sampling diversity, we blend a variety of online research panels and broad-based community sites—both domestic and international. Our sample partners are rigorously screened, pre-tested, and adhere to a strict, double opt-in recruiting process.

We have more than a decade of experience designing and managing Internet survey samples based on our clients’ unique needs and we offer expertise in sample weighting and variance estimation. Targeted survey sampling capabilities include:
To enhance targeting capabilities and increase survey sampling diversity, we blend a variety of online research panels and broad-based community sites—both domestic and international. Our sample partners are rigorously screened, pre-tested, and adhere to a strict, double opt-in recruiting process.

We have more than a decade of experience designing and managing Internet survey samples based on our clients’ unique needs and we offer expertise in sample weighting and variance estimation. Targeted sampling capabilities include:

  • Kids/teens
  • Elderly
  • Gamers
  • Technophiles
  • Moviegoers/DVD purchasers
  • B2B (travelers, IT prof., medical)
  • Ailment sufferers
  • Alternative lifestyles
  • Automotive enthusiasts
  • Ethnic samples
  • International samples (consumer & B2B)

TrueSample platform certified.
Decipher can seamlessly provide clients with improved quality by conducting TrueSample verification in-real time. TrueSample is the industry’s most widely used data quality solution that provides researchers with the assurance that every respondent is Real, Unique and Engaged™ by removing fake, duplicate and unengaged respondents from research samples. With this integration into Decipher’s Beacon market research software suite, Decipher offers platform compliance with research samples that have been verified by TrueSample.

As an active member of AMA, CASRO, ESOMAR and MRA, Decipher adheres to industry and government research guidelines and complies with all relevant local, regional, and national laws regarding privacy, data protection and conducting research with children.


Integrated Solutions

Decipher now offers many integrated solutions on the Beacon software platform, such as iModerate qualitative conversations and Fulcrum technology.


The integration of iModerate’s text-based, online conversation into Decipher’s toolbox and Beacon platform will help researchers delve into what consumers think and why. These “online one-on-one conversations” allow professional moderators to carry out a real-time, text-based conversation with respondents during a Decipher survey. Embedded right within the survey, the experience is seamless for the respondent and easy for the researcher to integrate. Based on the project objectives and answers the respondent provided in the survey, the moderator leads a focused, personalized discussion that adds a story to the statistics. Upon completion of the conversation, respondents are thanked and sent back into the survey to answer any remaining questions. Final deliverables include transcripts for all the conversations plus a report with analysis.

These quality, personal online conversations elicit responses that are spontaneous, candid, deeper and, oftentimes, surprising. Whatever research you may be doing, this hybrid method helps you go beyond open-ends, add color and clarity to your data and obtain meaningful feedback that emboldens your decision-making. Thanks to Decipher’s partnership with iModerate, adding this powerful qualitative aspect to your survey is simple and straightforward.


Managing your sample sources with precision using the integration with Fulcrum’s advanced sample management and fielding tools, helps users manage the entire scope of online field operations. These sample management tools help streamline workflow for all project types, control sampling budgets, incorporate stringent sample source blends, deliver studies easily and on time, and ensure high quality results. The pre-screening process only happens one time, information automatically populates in Beacon from Fulcrum.

For existing Fulcrum users there is no longer a need to program surveys in your programming software and then re-enter the survey details in Fulcrum. Once the survey is programmed in Beacon, the relevant sampling information automatically populates in Fulcrum, decreasing the amount of time it takes to successfully launch.

Beacon is also fully integrated with sample partners such as GMI/Lightspeed, Critical Mix and Research Now, among others. Since these sample sources are pre-programmed into Beacon, when you select your sample provider the URL variables, redirect links and exit pages will be automatically set up for you. Decipher can also assist with sample procurement and management upon request. Just contact your account manager.

iModerate's Qualitative Conversations

Sample Procurement and Management in Beacon


Data Processing & Data Management

For businesses with more complex needs or high survey volumes, Decipher can provide a platform-centric approach to your research practice. Data management and research solutions through centralization allow Decipher to serve as the core for your research practice by supplying data collection, survey standards, data warehousing and data reporting from a single platform, Beacon.

Lower Data Collection Costs. With Decipher’s centralized platform, your company will no longer paying full-service firms for data collection—firms that traditionally have high markups on field services.

Data Consistency. All data files, regardless of supplier or study type would be stored and accessible from Decipher’s Beacon software reporting portal.

Consistent Research Standards. Decipher will store your visual and textual design standards within Beacon, ensuring consistency across projects and with any outside full-service research suppliers you may utilize.

Research Centralization Solutions with Beacon. Decipher’s Beacon Research Centralization software offers advanced tools your company may need, including advanced scripting capabilities, support for complex research methods, code level access and custom question/element creation for reuse.

"By consolidating our online data collection to Decipher's services enterprise solution we at LinkedIn have realized cost savings, timing improvements, streamlined project comparisons, easy and consistent data accessibility, expansions of online data collection best practices and many other benefits.  This has allowed us to better focus on analysis and recommendations to help guide the organization and those of our clients." - LinkedIn


Research Centralization Solutions

Utilizing a combination of best-in-class services and software, Decipher’s Beacon survey software functions as your internal Research Hub—providing
marketers and corporate researchers the opportunity for a supplier agnostic, platform-centric approach to survey management. Beacon’s Research Hub increases data visibility and accessibility and gives you  game-changing insights into the total health of your research practice.Research Centralization Solutions

Research Insights

Beacon’s Research Hub provides you with critical information around survey distribution effectiveness and respondent engagement through longitudinal data mining. Offering greater data visibility and accessibility, the Research Hub gives you game changing insights into the total health of your research practice. This information can help you better understand your audience and help shape decisions around improving respondent engagement and overall survey experience.

Consistency in Data & Design

All surveys and data files, no matter the study type or data collection method, are stored and accessible from the Beacon Research Hub. No more hunting for data sets across multiple platforms or waiting for an external data provider to send them your way. Your Decipher account management team will store your visual and textual design standards, along with archiving multimedia files, reports and other relevant data, within Beacon, ensuring 
consistency and reducing redundancy across your research practice.

Greater Flexibility

Beacon is designed to enhance data visualization across projects, allowing results from 
multiple initiatives to be consolidated into a streamlined format and centralized location. This platform-centric approach allows you to forgo the enormous effort required to 
consolidate data into separate tools or databases.

Lower Data Collection Costs

With Decipher’s centralized Research Hub, all of your data, regardless of where it’s 
collected, can be housed on the Beacon platform in one secure, cost-effective location. You’re no longer paying full-service research firms for data collection—firms that traditionally have high markups on field services. Use your choice of full-service research firms for design and analytics. Decipher offers highly competitive volume pricing structures for both licensed software and fully serviced data collection solutions.


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